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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Could Be Associated With Cancer

There are a lot of people that are dealing with hyperpigmentation problems and if you are one of them you should know that there are a lot of creams on the market that you will be able to use and they are mostly containing an ingredient that is called Hydroquinone. You should know that when it comes to this ingredient it is very much dangerous and there have been many studies around it and the conclusion is that it can lead to cancer.

When the European Union became aware of it, it utterly banned any creams out there that are incorporating this dangerous ingredient. But the bad news is that when it comes to the US, the ingredient has not been banned there yet and there are still many websites that are selling such creams which are putting the lives of many people in danger.

If you are a consumer, then you will always need to make sure that you are very well informed about the products that you are buying form your local pharmacy in order to have your pigmentation problems solved. You should know that Hydroquinone is just one of the examples out there. On the market, there are hundreds of other products that contain a lot of toxic ingredients.

The damage that this kind of ingredient will cause to the skin will be similar to the damage that you will receive if you will decide to stay out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. If you are dealing with hyperpigmentation on your face and you will take the necessary steps in order to get rid of it, your skin will become much more sensitive to sunlight. So, you should know that the only way you could have your skin lightened is to have the level of melanin inside your body inhibited. If you don't know about melanin you should know that it is responsible for your skin's color. The pigment will have the UV rays converted into heat that is harmless and thus the deeper layers are protected. But in some cases, the damage that will be caused will lead to cancer.

The free radical damage will most of the times cause cancer. Creams that use the Q10 coenzyme are the best for dealing with sun damaged skin and there are many tests that have been performed in specialized clinics which have proven this. [Search for q10 coenzyme]

Make sure you will buy a cream that's rich in extra-pone nut grass extract. Before you will get to delve into taking any creams or medicines for your hyperkeratosis, consult your doctor.

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